These companies don’t specialize in curly hair but the ingredients are curly girl method approved. Do you have any zero waste curly products that you love? The aim is to help everyone, including wavies, embrace their natural hair. Another option for those that want to save some money and go completely package-free are shampoo and conditioner bars. They have a great range of zero waste products specifically designed for curly hair. She has shared the best of what she’s discovered so far in this post and has tried to include as many products as possible, to suit the many different varieties of curly hair. Finding styling products for curly hair that are plastic free and zero waste is quite tricky. Hi! If you are wanting to go the refill route I LOVE the curl styling products from A Simple Planet and they offer everything from several gel options, frizz sprays and even refresh sprays. Thanks so much. £7.50. My complex hair care routine is one of the biggest puzzles of going zero-waste. That’s amazing! I’ve tried to make this guide as comprehensive as I can and will continue to update and add to it as new products come to market. Design GELS – Curly Girl Method UK Products. Boucleme offer a great range of styling products for all types of curly hair. Thanks for sharing Natalie! For DIY hair treatments, I like to do a fermented rice water treatment (not technically a protein treatment but builds bonds in your hair) or add Braggs liquid aminos or coconut aminos to my conditioner and leave it on for 5 minutes. Deep conditioners are fairly easy to make yourself with ingredients like aloe, jojoba oil, coconut oil and other oils that you can find packaged in glass at your local store. I find that being zero waste isn’t hard when washing, conditioning and deep conditioning my hair: Best Sellers. Their products do come in plastic packaging, however, they are currently made from a minimum of 50% post-consumer resins and the company are working towards finding refill and more sustainable options for their products. As I mentioned before Boucleme switched their bottles from plastic to a biodegradable sugar cane “plastic”, and offers plant-based styling products for curly hair with everything from curl creams to hair oils and curl defining gels available. Buy Zero Waste and Plastic Free products at wholesale prices for your shop. Zero Waste Path 2IN1 Solid Shampoo Bar 70g - Normal Hair. I just double checked all the post links and all but 2 etsy links were active and still available. Hey there! Once you get used to crumbling and lathering them up, the single cube portions are quite easy to use and and distribute through your hair. Here’s a list of some of my other favorite shampoo and conditioner bars that you can find online: I was super excited when Boucleme announced that they would be switching most their packaging from plastic to a biodegradable sugar cane “plastic”, their curl-focused products are popular with a lot of curly haired people and offer shampoos and conditioners for a range of different curl types. They have a great range of zero waste products specifically designed for curly hair. Our top ethical, eco hair products that will give you hair to worth saving the planet for. Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo Bar (for clarifying), Wildcrafted Shampoo & Conditioner Bars (Canadian Based), Watermelon & Papaya Extract Conditioner Bar (Canadian Based), Coconut Lime Essential Oil Scented Conditioner Bars, Lemongrass & Sweet Orange Conditioner Bar. Zero Waste Path 2IN1 Solid Shampoo Bar 70g - Dry + Curly Hair. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I mostly just use henna from Henna Color Labs unless I’m trying to maintain a less natural red look. Learn how your comment data is processed. They have a coconut based surfactant (sodium coco sulphate) that will effectively remove dirt, oil and product build up from your hair, even in hard water. A Simple Planet is the only company I know of that currently offers a protein treatment in zero waste packaging. Clean, nourish and maintain your hair with our range of plastic-free and eco-friendly shampoos and conditioner. Faith in Nature has you covered – all their products are vegan and you can get your containers refilled at refill stations or you can buy your own 5L bottle are return it for reuse. What exactly is the difference between sugar can plastic and regular plastic? Worldwide shipping, rewards and personal recommendations by Beth Noy! I recently started using the good fill sweet pea conditioner on my hair and I love it! Supporting UK businesses. I used to think fly away hairs were … When it comes to zero-waste curl friendly shampoo and conditioner there are three choices, you can DIY, buy from a company that offers refills or use a package free shampoo or conditioner bar. There are not a lot of people on youtube that are vegan, zero waste, and have kinky curly hair. You can buy Faith in Nature products … The simply curls co conditioner is much lighter in texture than the good fills (which is more of a traditional conditioner thickness) that said, I’ve used both as a leave in and it seems to work fine. Free UK … Plastic Free Delivery Info. Christmas. We’ve also found it to be one of the easier solid conditioner bars to distribute through your hair as, once you’ve warmed it a little between your hands, it glides over your hair. Thank you for helping support my work and the monthly donations we make to local animal charities. 0. Blog. The dry & curly hair bar has been designed to be the most nourishing for curly hair varieties but all of Zero Waste Paths 2-in-1 bars use the same, gentle surfactants so you could also choose from their fine & oily bar, itchy scalp bar or their normal hair bar too. NOTE: Not all Boucleme products are packaged in biodegradable sugar cane. Not only that, but I work out almost every day and even after a heavy workout my hair smells like this divine sugar-honey. Thanks for all of this amazing information! We don’t currently stock Bean & Bee but we hope to in the near future. See my current beauty routine in My … So I would definitely check their site in the next few weeks if you are still looking for one! Zero waste solutions for curly hair care, because something about curls must be simple. Do you know if I can pour these down the drain? Etsy seems to be the prime place to shop if you are looking for a curly friendly shampoo or conditioner bar. The surfactants used (Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (SCI) and Cocamidopropyl Betaine (CAPB)) are gentle, coconut-based and sulphate free, so you can use this bar if you are following the curly girl method. You can also leave your conditioner on for up to 20 minutes wrapped in a warm towel for a deep treatment when needed. Boucleme does offer a leave in conditioner and Simply Curls co is in the process of formulating one. Apple cider vinegar is a popular hair treatment that can help with dandruff, buildup and scalp Ph. The surfactant used in these bars is not quite as gentle as the Zero Waste Path bars, so if you’re strictly following the Curly Girl Method they may not be that suitable, but it is coconut based rather than petroleum based. I have not used a toner for my hair – only my facial skin products include a toner. Wanted to come back and say that A Simple Planet announced recently that they are currently producing a leave in conditioner. Made from all natural ingredients our zero waste shampoo & conditioner bars have hundreds of 5 star reviews! Yet it’s … And we will refill all your bottles! This is a great article!! To the Rescue Moisture Boost … I like to work these little bars over the ends of my hair, after shampooing, and leave it to work its magic for the rest of the time that I am washing, lightly rinsing it out right at the end of my shower routine. Although not truly zero waste or plastic free because of the plastic pump, this curly hair styling product is the best, low plastic styling product we’ve come across. – deep conditioning: banana and mayonaise mask, coconut milk and honey mask, rice water treatment, hot oil treatment. One person said that it doesnt matter the brand of products, what matters is consistency. I run a Youtube channel called Zero Waste Curls, which as the name would suggest, focuses on environmentally-friendly curly hair care. Zero Waste Haircare is a program that helps hobbyists and bath & beauty products business owners formulate their own shampoo and conditioner bars. When you have curly hair, there are far more options shampoo and conditioner bars, but some brands sell eco-friendly liquid shampoo and conditioner too if that’s more your style. Thank you! Hair care products that you will love! Our sustainable haircare products are made with natural and vegan-friendly ingredients, helping to protect your hair … When I first started my zero waste journey I honestly didn’t think it would be possible to make my hair routine zero waste too. I most often use a little hair oil on my ends instead though, which I find works well too. © 2018-2020 Vegan Guide to the Galaxy. – conditioning: herbal apple cider vinegar rinse (for instance: adding ACV and honey to hibiscus) These conditioners are packed with cocoa butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E to deeply nourish hair and help prevent split ends. One of my favorite things to DIY for my hair is flaxseed gel but I often look for convenience and shelf life when it comes to my styling routine and I know you might too so here are my favorite pre-made zero waste friendly options that work wonders for my curls. The ultimate guide to zero waste curly hair products. They offer curl-friendly products in stainless steel containers and offer a refill option where you simply send back your empty refill pouches to be reused for free. Bathroom. A different kind of toner is used for hair, they have dye in them to “tone” hair towards a certain color or take out yellow/brassy tones. Start your journey to Plastic Freedom with 3000+ of the best plastic free products in one huge online plastic free store! Cantu Shea Butter. Beauty Kubes … Shop our collection of Eco-friendly, Vegan & Plastic-Free products. Thank you, so glad the article is helpful! One things to remember is that treatments that are plant protein based are not only earth and animal friendly but they’re also less likely to cause your hair to go into protein overload if you overuse them. I’ve made a flaxseed and marshmallow root gel several times but it’s just not moisturizing enough, not even paired with butters or oils. Best wishes on your zero waste curly journey! The LOC or LCO or whatever its called method (if you know) is totally zero waste doable. Beauty Kubes are a great plastic free option for curly hair. Natural, sustainable & plastic free. I personally choose to do the second option most of the time because I’m a creature of convenience and I love the feeling of using liquid shampoo and conditioner on my hair but I’m laying out both liquid and solid options for you here so you can make your own decision! All of the products from A Simple Planet are excellent and come in refillable pouches, I like the conditioner from The Good Fill as well! So for the past 3 months, I’ve been testing and researching eco-friendly curly girl approved hair products that are easy on the earth and ethical. Please check the product description before purchasing. New. When I started going zero waste in 2016, I started exploring to try to find low waste curl products that worked for my hair. I love that Lush is offering more and more “naked” products lately! effectively removes dirt and product build up, infused with botanical oils and flower petals, can be used as a solid bar or converted into a liquid conditioner. Another brand that we hope to stock in the future. This concoction will revive curls and add extra bounce to damaged hair and is something that you might already have hanging around your kitchen! Made in small batches with organic ingredients using simple formulas. These small but mighty bars are particularly good if you like to give the dry ends of your hair a deep condition. Zero Waste Path 2IN1 Solid Shampoo Bar 70g - Dry + Curly Hair £7.50 -74900% off These little bars of magic are some of the newest additions to Plastic Freedom and have already shot to the top of our … They just released a shampoo and conditioner for curly hair, and I am absolutely OBSESSED with the sulfate-free shampoo made from wild crafted ingredients I will definitely be refilling my bottles over and over again! It forms a cast in the hair whilst its drying and can be scrunched out once your hair has fully dried. I would pour the products down the sink since it’s a shampoo/conditioner and meant to be water soluble then you can of course recycle the bottles afterwards if your area is still offering recycling services. Log In. Comes in natural wax paper and with a wax coating. These are packed with moisture for when you hair is feeling extra dry. Required fields are marked *. Made from all natural ingredients our zero waste … I was looking for this exact information. As far as creams for the hair goes, I’ve had great luck with Lush’s Queen Bee Hair Honey. Glad to hear the guide was helpful for you! The bars smell amazing and the botanical oils and flower petals add an extra touch of luxury to the bars. My hair is color treated and I primarily use Simply Curls Co products, I’ll mix in some toner with my conditioner every week and let it sit to refresh since my red hair fades. Another brand that we hope to stock in the future. This post contains affiliate links, which means I make a small commission at no cost to you if you order through them. This is one of our favourite conditioner bars that we offer. I just wanted to thank you for this post because it can be so freaking hard to find zero waste curly haircare!! Vera-Bee stocks lots of incredible eco-friendly brands. They also provide the refill pouches on their own at a discounted cost if you want to use your own container. ... Newquay, Cornwall, United Kingdom. ... We go to great lengths to use simple, organic, and low allergen plant-based ingredients in our products. Our cut off date for Christmas deliveries is Thurs 17th December. a simple planet: A Simple Planet is completely zero-waste and all their products are meant specifically for curly hair! These botanical beauties from Bain & Savon are a great swap to make if you want to cut down on the single use plastic in your bathroom. I frequently use their plant-based protein treatment since my hair is bleached and color treated, I find it helps restore some of my hair strength that’s often lost right after being bleached. r/curlyhair spin off for people in the UK. Your email address will not be published. Plastic Free Conditioner Bar - Lavender and Lime - Zero waste Hair Care Handmade In Devon, Uk (1 bar), Suitable for all hair types 60g - 80 washes Buy on Amazon Last update on 2020 … This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Let it sit for 5 minutes and rinse out, applying your conditioner afterwards. 3. All of The Good Fill liquid conditioners have CG compliant ingredients and are gentle on hair and are also very budget friendly. Home. This was so helpful! !1!‘ people (water is a chemical, bro), but there are some ingredients in most commercial shampoos and/or conditioners that probably aren’t great for you or the water system. Plaine Products shampoo is great for fine hair or clarifying by CG standards, while the conditioner can be used regularly. When I use the CG Method, I get curly hair. Zero Waste Shipping as Standard. If your curls are prone to fluff and frizz, this bar of conditioner really helps to tame your hair and define your curls. Here are a few examples of what may be in your shampoo or conditioner*: *NB: I am no… From a zero waste perspective, pretty much all of the shampoo options you can purchase in-store comes in plastic packaging. Noughty Vegan Hair Products 8 Noughty's vegan hair care range. Hope that helps someone! Calculations by Eco Hair & Beauty suggest that washing your hair daily uses about 14,222 litres of water and 1,252 kWh of energy annually. to 5 modules, 6 guided zero waste haircare recipes, Marta's own formulation method, private Zero Waste … Their ‘extra gentle baobab bar’ is silicone and sulphate free (so suitable if you’re following the Curly Girl Method). because our african bros and sis' grow super long curly hair … I’ve gotta say my hair looks amazing when I use their flax gel, it gives a light hold that looks natural once I scrunch it out. Toner? Their choice of coconut surfactant is gentle yet effective for cleansing your curls. It seems like every link i click on the item is not a available anymore. Other refillable shampoo and conditioner options are Plaine Products or The Good Fill. Which is a bummer, i was looking forward to finding some good eco-friendly zero waste CGM approved condish. Thanks, and sorry for the unrelated question…but honestly I’ve held on to these for so long because I don’t know how to get rid! Thank you Briggitte. What of your favorite zero waste curly hair products support color treated hair? So I don’t have naturally curly hair but I do have wavy hair. For me, that’s enough to find an alternative to something people go through often. Some Etsy sellers don’t re-stock once they sell out like bigger makers do so I’ve removed those items from my post but will definitely add more listings shortly. Cocoa butter, also completely edible, isn’t just great for making zero waste, package-free chocolate, it increases the resilience of hair and adds volume to it. The bar will help keep your hair soft and manageable but we recommend using it with a solid conditioner to tame the fluff and frizz. Share them in the comments below and I might add them to this article! Beauty Kubes. There is no transition phase necessary when using this bar, you don’t need to use an acid rinse with it and the gentle surfactants also means it works well in hard water too. I’m assuming by creams for your hair at night you mean leave in’s? Plastic made from sugar cane doesn’t use oil so it’s more environmentally friendly. After that, I’ll be completely zero waste. It’s definitely not the best option but as a last resort I will use it before plastics. My Inexpensive Zero Waste Curly Hair “Products” in detail including brands, where I purchase everything, and the monthly/yearly cost of this regimen. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The program includes unlimited access (yes, complete at your own pace!) We will discuss products and curly (or wavy) hair routines. Kitchen. The hydrolysed quinoa protein helps keep your hair soft and tangle free and the organic, unrefined Shea and Cocoa butters will help to condition your curls. The best types of styling products for curly hair tend to come in the form of a liquid, cream or gel and there just isn’t a huge range of companies in the UK (at the moment) that offer plastic free options for these products. Plastic-free packaging. You have to be careful how much you use as it can easily go from shiny, defined curls to oily looking, limper coils (and once you smell it, trust me, you’ll have to stop yourself from using the entire thing) but you just break of a chunk, warm and rub it in your hands, then work it through damp hair and style as usual. Go green in your curly hair care routine with these cruelty-free, vegan, eco-friendly and curly girl approved alternatives that you can order online … Want to buy vegan and zero waste…. The curl defining custard works like a light – medium hold gel that can be used whilst your hair is still damp after washing. If you follow the curly girl routine like I do or just have curly hair and are searching for suitable zero waste products I’ve made this guide for you! There’s toner for hair? that will clean your hair while keeping them moisturised The hydrolysed quinoa … Also so for creams to put in your hair at night you are saying there aren’t really any options? I hope that helps! My husband also uses the A Simple Planet flax gel for his hair so it’s a multipurpose item in this household and the bonus is it doesn’t irritate his scalp like the other store brand gels he was using did. Just mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 5 tablespoons of water and massage the liquid into your scalp. The only thing that I CAN’T seem to figure out is a good leave in conditioner! All of that fatty content in cocoa makes the hair shine like the sun and increases the tensile strength of the hair … While there are companies that make refillable and unpackaged products for people with non-textured hair there’s a huge gap in the market for those of us with kinky, curly and wavy locks who want to wear our hair natural. Our founder, Phoebe, has naturally wavy hair and has been on a mission to find the best curl-friendly zero waste and plastic free shampoos, conditioners and styling products. boooooooo!!! These have been all the rage in the zero-waste community for a while now but very few bars focus on the needs of curly hair. We are about empowering an earth-friendly, low-waste, and plastic-free lifestyle. Their ‘extra gentle baobab bar’ is silicone and sulphate free (so suitable if you’re following the Curly Girl Method). So for me, this works ... What I struggle with is trying to do CG but also trying to go as zero waste … It’s everyday people taking responsibility for the waste they produce, the products they use, and the impact they have on … Everything from scalp soothing fenugreek and shikakai shampoo bars, which are known in the ayurvedic world to help with hair growth and shine to henna and aloe vera based shampoo bars, which help with curl definition. by, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), What I use In My Vegan Zero Waste Kitchen. I will try Curls Co after my current devcurl gel is done. It’s rich and nourishing due to its blend of cocoa butter and castor oil. I have two huge bottles of devacurl shampoo and conditioner that are super expired and unused, and I truly don’t know how to safely get rid of them. We are a UK based plastic free wholesale distributor of Zero Waste products such as bamboo toothbrushes, metal … Friendly Soap also provide instructions on the back of each cardboard packet for converting the bar into a liquid conditioner, if you really struggle to get used to using it in its solid form. But I hated going through those plastic shampoo, conditioner and styling gel bottles. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "aefa17402a93eb8fe128768c2ef7565b" );document.getElementById("ec36320991").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Do not create posts to promote … So glad this has been helpful for you, I’ll definitely check out your YouTube channel ❤️. I had switched to all natural, paraben- and sulfate-free products to be more Earth-friendly, but the packaging still felt excessive. This PH-balanced 2in1 solid shampoo + conditioner is made with gentle and biodegradable surfactants (made from coconut!) Luckily I found some great options to choose from! However, if you have naturally afro, curly or wavy hair, you’ll know that finding the right liquid products can be a bit of a challenge and that the right product combination can be as unique to you as your curl pattern is. All rights reserved. Thank you!! My Zero Waste Curly Hair Update September 30, 2016 by Dawn Michelle I’ve spent much of the summer trying to figure out what was the best way for me to care for my curls with the least amount of … Subscribe for my latest recipes straight to your inbox! I have been waiting to post this video for a long time. Your email address will not be published. Do you feel like the Good Fill conditioner is light enough to be used as a leave-in? Hair Care. This solid shampoo bar by Zero Waste Path has been specifically formulated with curly hair in mind. I’m not one of those ‘chemicals are bad! – washing: zero waste shampoo bar hair spray: I used to use hairspray like it was going out of style! I have another burning issue that maybe you can help with. When it comes to curl-friendly refills the best company out there hands down is A Simple Planet. Solid shampoo and conditioner bars are a great way to rid your haircare routine of some single use plastic. RELATED: My Top 5 Zero Waste Shower Essentials.

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