122 0 obj <> endobj Standard kits are furnished with 10 to 16 risers to fit floor-to-floor heights from 7’2” to 12’8”. This kitted option is a fast way to purchase your top rail in the Crown style, bottom rail in Universal style, balusters, and all of the necessary baluster spacers, installation … Treads and landing are pre-drilled to receive Trex tread board. Post sleeve – 4" x 4" (102 mm x 102 mm) or 6" x 6" (152 mm x 152 mm) … Trex Artisan Railing™ Installation Guide Step 1 - Install Posts. Learn how with this helpful video. Normal assembly time is six to eight hours using just a few simple tools. When baluster spacers. A Customized Complement To Modern Decking. The block was welded directly to the stair stringer. 154 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<1ED1C7104FDA4E7E9E5BB03E4FB22482>]/Index[122 62]/Info 121 0 R/Length 143/Prev 1545231/Root 123 0 R/Size 184/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream ... Pairs with Trex Transcend railing for unmatched design possibilities; Trex Through & Through. SECTION THREE: Railing Trex Transcend® Railing Specifications and Profiles .....31 Trex Transcend Railing Systems..... 32 Designer/Traditional Railing Specifications and Profiles..33 ADA Railing Specifications and Profiles.....34 How to Install Railing 4a. This simple tool is the key to an easily constructed, elegant deck. *Stair crossover applications can only be achieved with the use of a swivel … Heavy duty treads and landing are welded to a round collar that precisely slides over the 3-1/2” diameter center pole. Find what you need in order to complete any luxury design. The maximum post span for the Trex Artisan Series Railing is 96" on center. Make sure 53" (135.6 cm) posts are used for all stair posts. To begin with, you need to read it cover … Unique lip-up tread design for added strength and safety. notching of pressure-treated posts or posts installed on outside of … » Pages 32-40 – Streamlined deck board and stair tread installation pages » Page 56 – Added new Trex® Signature™ template tools to sku listing » Page 57 – Updated Trex Select® Railing skus » Page 62 – Updated steps for installing Trex Transcend® Railing Crown Top Rail and balusters Contact Us: 877-432-2311 (Toll Free) support@thedeckstore.com More contact options. This guide will ... Stair Railing Cut Kit 0 Degree Rail Connection Gaskets 22.5 Degree Rail Connection Gaskets 45 Degree Rail Connection Gaskets Reveal is aluminium railing, a unique material for Trex® (further evidence that we never stop innovating) and one that enables unexpected applications. TREX TRANSCEND® RAILING Installation Instructions PARTS A. See Trex® Trex Cut Kits and Gaskets are available in all Transcend Railing colors. It installs easily and quickly with an external bracket system. endstream endobj 123 0 obj <>>> endobj 124 0 obj <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]/Properties<>/MC1<>>>/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/Thumb 45 0 R/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 612.0 792.0]/Type/Page>> endobj 125 0 obj <>stream �l��>�:�fK(��J(v�c�m0��n���(Їc���b%dX.�15J������.�~�d_. I. Innovative bracket design permits easy rail installation at various angles. Compliant with the Wildland-Urban Interface and California State and San Diego County fire code. Additional corrosion resistance adds life and durability. 3 ins T alla T ion guide ® Installation Guide In your hands, you’re holding everything you need to begin building with Trex® decking and railing. Can be ordered for right-hand or left-hand up configuration. Along that shaded span of deck boards. The look of painted wood beautifully complements any traditional architecture. ... luxurious finish to deck edges and stair risers–in all eight Transcend … » If using the Contemporary baluster with Transcend railing, also use Contemporary Baluster Connectors (P/N BK075HCON for horizontal ��]�ٰHz0�A�i¢ �RA�G���wNFyY}kj#�ۦ��ms� ��6;g��s�����o8�Pc��+��Y��Sq�&˂/(�,׎��1��_XhP8*�q�n �)�>|�9���k��?�sz����9���Z%�T�m���i�nM���b���49�H'�[CT��SH� For more, visit http://www.trex.com/build-your-deck/diy/. Top Stair … g����ع�'��e�2Ah����H���8�~OuS�d�b%���B��&��>ߩ*F���06���?�Df[�+a�/ It easily affixes to hardscapes like stone patios, withstands the rigours of commercial settings like public plazas and feels right at home along a string of tidy condo units. Trex provides the latest high-quality composite decking and railing supplies for any deck projects. No matter which rail profile you're working with, all components … One kit needed per section of railing … 2. %PDF-1.3 %���� ���Y �sP����x l0!�+p���R�H(a/:���\]��Q1��H�ȘC 蘪��E�L˫�#��p�s`�5sx�U%Z7�q>���A4$��Ƭ��f����,��fH��J8��GAr����H����zFK��Ѹ����M��rF���9�e���%��@ �Zp0�(��d�>�`�Bl@s��W��L�tB l�O"�p.kT�"a�2��O�h�Y��-�q�H48ˎfq��g$s� Ϥ՘Q0س���L���#�c}`F�O"=@ی�Ϯ(�4pI�w� �Uޅ)^�}����/Iݶ̖@�y��A����Pb��&��� �B�G~ހ-X]�H'���"!ҥ��-w�~y=���*���8�-������A>�Y�k� ���A��5����RN!,�P�X�>a Because it's made from the revolutionary Fibrex material, Trex Transcend Railing… Position top landing onto pole and secure to deck, Attach Trex board to each riser from underneath.

Save money over the standard separate Trex Transcend items and get everything you need to install a full Trex Transcend railing section with the Transcend rail and baluster kit. Installing Standard Trex® Signature™ Stair Posts, Trex® Signature™ Stair Crossover Posts, or Pressure-treated Post, Post Sleeves and Skirts 1. Make sure 53" (135.6 cm) posts are used for all stair posts. endstream endobj startxref ®If Trex Signature™ stair posts are used, install at nose of stair tread directly under required blocking. Trex ® Installation Guide In your hands, you’re holding everything you need to begin building with Trex Decking & Railing. Ships with a 10” x 1/4” thick round metal base plate with pre-drilled holes for bolting to landing pad. I completed a somewhat complex Trex Transcend railing installation the summer of 2016. Durable and design-minded, our powder-coated Aluminum Deck Railing suits traditional and modern homeowners alike.. Bottom Stair Bracket and Cover – Lower Rail BB. Crown or Universal B. Universal C. Trex railing support bracket (RSB) D. TrexExpress™ Railing Assembly Template* E. Rail gaskets F. Balusters G. Post sleeve cap* H. Post sleeve skirt* I. HOW TO INSTALL TREX® SIGNATURE™ STAIR POSTS AND STAIR RAILING TREX® SIGNATURE™STANDARD TOOLS NEEDED Non-ferrous metal cutting blade 5/16” (7.9 mm) drill bit for stairs 7/64” (2.8 mm) or similar sized metal punch e Bit 8 Irwin Quick Clamps or similar) 1. This four (4) pack of mounting hardware is the perfect solution for the installation that requires making two railing sections from one kit. Standard kits are furnished with 10 to 16 risers to fit floor-to-floor heights from 7’2” to 12’8”. This railing system is well engineered and a pleasure to work with. Trex Transcend Railing Installation - #WOOT! (4/pack) Effortless style, exceptional strength—that’s Trex Signature Railing. Nov 15, 2020 - Trex, the world’s largest manufacturer of eco-friendly deck building supplies, blends skill and durability into every product. h�Ԛ[o�H�� 2. When cutting rail sections down for smaller runs, an additional cut kit of hardwared is needed to attach the rails. Decks Direct is proud to offer a wide range of Trex lighting, railing systems, … ©2020 Trex Spiral Stairs, All Rights Reserved. Trex Signature® Railing pairs well with any of their decking colors, lending a contemporary edge to an otherwise classic outdoor room. HOW TO INSTALL TREX STAIR RAILING Trex enhance™ Read all instructions BEFORE installation. Non-standard kits can be ordered for other heights. [�ɫ�-�>ު4�Q�K�JG��u�����ϙ�w�r����ՃY�ͬ�w �l�5ù����IE�!|s�J�Ђ&�Wu^w��y��Y����ʶ�k������ ����w�R��`NZ�NvN�� Important: Post sleeves are NOT to be cut for this design style. Trex Transcend Mounting Hardware\\\\nGenuine Trex accessories for customizing your Trex Transcend Railing. h�bbd```b``^"SA$�7��~ "y�E���x�J{����|e`vX�.0����d6����`�`���� ����DrŁ������Al�-@��&�/8A"@݃������)@� H�� Durable and beautiful, our metallic stairs feature standard tread collars, weather the elements year-round and are backed by a 25-year warranty. CCRR-0202 - Trex Reveal®/Trex Signature® Railing 2020 CCRR-0301 - Trex Enhance® Basics and Naturals Evaluation Report 2021 CCRR-0325 (Trex … Trex Select Stair Rail Kit’s white railing with black round aluminum balusters complements any decking or house color to create a luxurious outdoor living space. When baluster spacers. Installing Pressure-Treated Posts » Select Railing Kits are designed for posts to be installed at … 0 » If using the Architectural baluster with Transcend railing, and rattling of the balusters is a problem, use of a sticky back weather stripping, small All these methods can be done after the railing has been installed if this TREX SELECT™ RAILING Installation Instructions HOW TO INSTALL TREX SELECT™ RAILING TREX SELECT™ Read all instructions BEFORE installation. It features a deeper profile than other Trex templates for an even easier installation of the RSB (Railing Support Brackets). Cocktail Style Glass Panel Railing” (**nOTe: Trex Post Mounts cannot be used with this railing configuration), and page 11 for “How to Install Traditional Style Glass Panel Railing”. h�b```c``������#�A���bl,;8�j� TREX REVEAL® RAILING Installation Instructions BRACKET HARDWARE – STAIR APPLICATIONS (INCLUDING STAIR SWIVEL BRACKETS, STAIR CROSSOVER BRACKET, AND COMPOUND SWIVEL BRACKETS) TREX REVEAL® FIXED BRACKET – STAIR HARDWARE AA. Trex® Spiral Stairs™ aluminum powder-coated models are available in Trex Transcend® and custom colors with continuous tread collars. 25-year limited warranty. Wimsatt Building Materials - Trex Transcend Railing Flat & Stair Railing Kits:Complete your new Trex deck with the classic elegance of Trex Transcend Series Railing. Available in a selection of elegant neutrals and backed with the stability only aluminum railing offers, along with Trex… Founded in 1996, Trex creates low-maintenance, high-performance items perfect for your outdoor space. (Stair Application) NoteS: Basic installation for balusters is the same for all options. It's easy to install Trex Transcend deck railing. Retail Store Location: 6900 151st Street W Suite 100 Apple Valley, MN 55124 Hours: Mon-Fri: 8:00AM - 5:30PM CST Sat: Closed Railing spindles have an adjustable cup-shaped handrail connector for a precise fit. C. Trex railing support bracket (RSB) ... (Stair Application) NoteS: Basic installation for balusters is the same for all options. e1��e�@;�`6�njz�8ϬN����[Ỉ��O���V��S���t����= �!&`G$F�)P�ʹ��Z4�� If you need Cut Kits, Gaskets, or Brackets, this is the place. �U�\�0�ut TREX ENHANCE™ RAILING Installation Instructions. %%EOF Check out preassembled square baluster panels in Step 3 for easy installation on page 23. In stair risers. >A�4~ �W�������灞�qw���"��L =�W�D��j���/�v�>�����}8����_�б��^^M���QU��9 {��qAow�����Wlέw��Q?�M�^g�w��f;Mi��G��nu5*��zm1~_x`ܖGߔ��n�M���R�뚛����y���ʹ��)-�;����X=�닖���tV�W%��K;6�$T�o��w`�7�4�� 6Ṕ�lS*���*�k-1hg7���GK�����'P�~��b���z�X��xf|nx�p�?�:�p k4f„�V�0n&{ާ��� The accessory kit is the perfect solution for the installation that requires making two stair railing sections from one kit. For stair … _>J����_�����D���D���&����4��5��'Z����Dg�8��-��5Q��|�k��3�KU�/6qF�!�d�/�$u>Ɍ@�,M2'1�L$Y���e|����7���%�|4-h�f����n"����Iw���0��M�溠�a>���UAg7���}i_�ڼ-�2��I�����N�����g���:�^>-�U�u����uY�V�����r0(���,���PC#:�ڣtD�tH��)}�.�mYWTQM%�4�k��������>QNP���v�0�DHGӴ�B��}/芆����>Ҁ>��f2,*j�M���t�O��~��O����W���Р�T�$�0GŠ�7�W�Ÿ�qwS^ [z�+�����c^p4)����&���8��ˢj�����? On railing posts. TREX ENHANCE™ RAILING Installation Instructions Attaching Footblock to Bottom Railing » ReFeR TO deTAiled inSTRuCTiOnS (TReX SeleCT® RAil) inCluded WiTH FOOT blOCKS PRiOR TO inSTAllATiOn OF STAiR RAiling SeCTiOn AS THeSe inClude OTHeR ReQuiRed STePS FOR FOOT blOCK inSTAllATiOn. Note: Glass panels are Not recommended in stair applications. Assembly Tool. Use these kits to attach a cut section of Transcend Railing when you add an extra post. 183 0 obj <>stream It's important to note the Trex Railing Installation manual is a great document. Railing spindles have an adjustable cup-shaped handrail connector for a precise fit. This PVC installation template is a more durable version of the template included with Trex composite post sleeves. ... Trex Commercial Products’ Equinox railing provides the perfect accompaniment to the building’s circular staircase and overlooks without distracting from the distinctive architectural details and cascading art installation. Fixed bracket kits include the correct mounting hardware and bracketry to mount 1 stair section of Trex® Signature™ (Reveal) aluminum deck rail. Treads and landing are pre-drilled to receive Trex tread board. The Trex Stair Rail Cut Kit includes the mounting hardware necessary to connect a section of rail to the post, as well as gaskets to conceal the cuts. Trex railings are designed to meet national building code requirements for residential and commercial dwellings This step-by-step guide will show you how to create trex select® stair railing installation instructions important notes: » trex select railings are designed to be installed over the decking frame or on inside of rim joist. It will not rot, warp or splinter. It never needs to be painted or stained. Install deck lighting where you please to achieve the ambience you want. pIAV��K}B�M!�)7;���t�qr�N\����#(��Ju���jd ���0�9Ұ]c[R�P�����.. 6��E�Z&� C�չ@!u��g�����10�r�����W��'�5�;��O �L� l����.�;�r111���2�0�r_���%��b�A�,>@S~2/d� �W����8D�N���r9&h�n�^�M�'΅�y` nPL If ®Trex … 2019 Installation Guide - Trex ® Decking & Railing Guide D´Installation 2020 - Terrasses et Rampes Trex ® (Français) Guía de Instalación 2020 - Terrazas y Barandas Trex ® (Español) Non-standard kits can be ordered for other heights.

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