These examples are included to encourage reflection and innovation. Registered Office: The Elmhirst Centre, Dartington Hall, Totnes TQ9 6EL For example, in finding out the price of a unit, or the population of a specific species. The 9 levels relate to the complexity of work that someone with those capabilities would be able to manage. PCF - Social worker What social workers should demonstrate in the early stages of their career . Year in Employment (ASYE) level of the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) and completed an initial self-assessment against the Knowledge and Skills Statement for Social Workers in Adult Services (KSS). It is comprised of nine areas or “domains”, which represent the different aspects of being an effective social worker, such as working ethically, using judgement and authority and operating in a range of multi-professional contexts. The PCF states that “social workers should Negotiate and establish boundaries to underpin partnership work with service users, carers and their networks, using transparency and honesty” (BASW, 2015) This core social work value expects social workers to work in partnership effectively with service users effectively. Professionalism Identify and behave as a professional social worker committed to professional development. ... 2013 Solving Proportions Proportions exist in the real world. Social work harps a lot on being able to be reflexive, identifying how your own perspective might affect the way you help clients. The Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF), For every stage of your social work journey, For students: PCF for pre-qualifying levels of social work and ASYE, Level descriptors for the four pre-qualifying levels: point of entry, readiness for practice, end of first placement, end of last placement/completion and newly qualified social worker (ASYE level), A downloadable version of the new graphic, Capabilities Statement for social workers working with older people, BASW England Practice Educator Professional Standards for social work (PEPS) refresh 2019, Capabilities statement and pathway for social work with adults who have learning disability, Frameworks to support social work practice, Capabilities Statement for Social Work with Autistic Adults, Framework to support social work practice with autistic adults, The first look of BASW’s refresh of the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) was welcomed in February 2018, The Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) review 2015, 2015 PCF review by The College of Social Work (TCSW), The relationship between the PCF and Knowledge and Skills Statements (KSS), A joint statement between BASW CEO Dr Ruth Allen and the two Chief Social Workers for England, Lyn Romeo and Isabelle Trowler, Professional Capabilities Framework for Social Work in England. Social Work Reform Board (SWR B) Standards for Employers. Inability to refer clients to agencies that can help. Therefore, critical reflection is vital to prevent your own biases. Poor advocacy for the rights of service users. Preparing for Practice - PCF and personalisation context Domain Personalisation Context 1. Many social work students find it hard to show leadership in an organisation where they are expected to be learning, rather than leading. These learning needs are based on placements in the UK. ... Download a Microsoft Word document of the fourth layer on the PCF fan - End of last placement/completion. 1485560 Charity No. The PCF provides the context in which the profession exercises judgement about the quality of practice, for individuals, teams and organisations. John would benefit from developing his ability to work as part of a team, recognising the roles and expertise of other professionals, rather than expecting or believing that he can ‘do it all’ or ‘know it all’ not only to demonstrate greater partnership working but also to support his own health and well-being (PCF 1; 8). The PCF provides an overarching framework for social work in England for all levels across all practice areas. Identify which level you are, define your professional capabilities and develop your career. The 9 domains are as follows, with examples of learning needs attached to them. While John is a natural reflector he would benefit from developing his skills of critical reflection to develop his practice in several areas: As you can see from the above, examples of learning needs include: Firstly, learning needs in the UK are assessed by looking at the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF). The KSS sets out what is expected of qualified social workers in specific work and practice contexts. The PCF applies to all social workers in all roles and settings, including independent social workers. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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