Sun Tunnels Nancy Holt 1976. Nancy Holt Nancy Holt (geb. Nancy Holt, Sun Tunnels, 1973-1976 Retis/CC BY 2.0. ENTER | ENTREZ NANCY HOLT | Dia: UNIVERSITE D'AVIGNON Campus Hannah Arendt Site Sainte-Marthe Avignon, France CONTACT avignon.locators @ Tel: +33 (0)4 90 16 25 00 FREE PARKING & SHUTTLE BUS … Artist Nancy Holt’s best-known work, “Sun Tunnels,” is outdoors, huge and open to the public — but only a relatively small number of people have seen it in person. Completed in 1976, the sculpture features a configuration of four concrete tubes or "tunnels" that are eight feet long and nine feet in diameter. Nancy Holt was born on April 5, 1938 in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. Nancy Holt wurde 1938 als einziges Kind eines Ingenieurs und einer Hausfrau in Worchester geboren und wuchs in New Jersey auf. Completed in 1976, the sculpture features a configuration of four concrete "tunnels" 8 feet long and 9 feet in diameter. These contemplative, often elegiac monuments to time and to the land, emphasize close observation. Leben und Werk. Sun Tunnels (1976), Nancy Holt. The creator of some of the most significant Earthworks of the Land Art movement, Nancy Holt’s exterior installations and public sculpture exist in dialogue with the elements and perceptions of time and space. zackofalltrades. Thirty Below Nancy Holt 1980. Nancy Holt wanted Sun Tunnels to be accessible. Experience Nancy Holt’s “Sun Tunnels” through this slideshow, which captures sunlight and shadow in one tunnel photographed every half hour from 6:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. on July 14, 1976. Nancy Holt Sun Tunnels, 1973–76 Internationally recognized as a pioneering work of Land art, Nancy Holt’s Sun Tunnels (1973–76) is situated within a 40-acre plot in the Great Basin Desert in northwestern Utah. zackofalltrades. User submitted. SUN TUNNELS, 1973–76, is built on forty acres, which I bought in 1974 specifically as a site for the work. Four concrete cylinders indistinguishable in color from the flat, open land that surrounds them sit on 40 acres the artist purchased in the middle of the Great Basin Desert. x 86 ft. x 53 ft. (2.8 x 26.2 x 16.2 m); length on the diagonal: 86 ft. (26.2 m) Nancy Holt’s Sun Tunnels and Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty did that in their own time,” said Tassie. She was a director and cinematographer, known for Utah Sequences (1970), Breaking Ground: Broken Circle/Spiral Hill, 1971-2011 (2011) and Sun Tunnels (1978). Sightlines encompasses more than 40 works that illuminate Holt's circumvention of modernist sculptural practice and institutional spaces. 1978, 26:31 min, color, sound, 16 mm film on HD video . For this I pilgrimaged? She purchased the land in 1974 and began to work on it in 1975. Sun Tunnels1973-76. It consists of four (4) perforated large concrete pipes placed in an open 'X' configuration with 50 feet in between opposing pipes, in the Utah's Great Basin Desert, and marking the positions of the solstitial sunrises and sunsets. Concrete, steel, and earth. Nancy Holt, Director: Utah Sequences. The land is in the Great Basin Desert in northwestern Utah, about four miles southeast of Lucan (pop. In the midst of a major touring retrospective, Sightlines, the artist discusses her pioneering work with ArtReview. Nancy Holt, Sun Tunnels (1978) Color, sound, 16 mm film on HD video Duration: 26:31 min. At first, the tunnels seem small, and maybe even a little puzzling. Composed of four concrete cylinders that are 18 feet in length and 9 feet in diameter, Sun Tunnels is arranged on the desert Directed by Nancy Holt. Her first major work, Sun Tunnels, was constructed on a remote plot in the Great Basin Desert in northwest Utah. Sun Tunnels documents the making of Holt's major site-specific sculptural work in the northwest Utah desert. The Sun Tunnels themselves consist of four 18-foot-long, nine-foot-high concrete tubes laid out in an X configuration. Nancy Holt. Sky Mound Nancy Holt 1988-2008. Eine Ausstellung in Berlin zeigt Holts bekannte "Sun Tunnels" und andere Projekte. Meaning: there are roads. 1938 d. 2014) produced a large-scale land art installation in Utah’s Great Basin Desert entitled Sun Tunnels.In 2018, the Dia Art Foundation acquired Sun Tunnels with support from the Holt-Smithson Foundation. April 1938 in Worchester, Massachusetts – 8. Die avantgardistische Kunstrichtung hatte zuerst einen gesellschaftskritischen Hintergrund und nichts mit der Nachhaltigkeitsbewegung gemeinsam, die sie heutzutage kennzeichnet. Nancy Holt's SUN TUNNELS (1973-1976) is considered her best work. American artist Nancy Holt has made some of the most significant contributions to Land art, in particular with her monumental Sun Tunnels (1973–6) in Utah, but her wide-ranging practice includes photography, film and video, installation and sculpture. 2014 in New York; USA) arbeitete nach einem Abschluss in Biologie ab den 1960er-Jahren im Bereich Film, Video, Installation und Sound Art in New York im Umfeld von Künstler/innen wie Michael Heizer, Carl Andre, Eva Hesse, Richard Serra und ihrem Mann Robert Smithson. Photos by Nancy Holt, “Sunlight in Sun Tunnels,” 1976. Holt’s monumental “Sun Tunnels” (1973-76), sited in the Great Basin Desert in Utah, has just been acquired by the Dia Art Foundation — its first such work by a woman. Stone Enclosure: Rock Rings Nancy Holt 1977-1978. Photo: Calvin Chu. Die Künstlerin Nancy Holt begreift Landschaft, Licht und Natur als Objekte der Kunst. NANCY HOLT AVIGNON LOCATORS 1972-2012. Nancy Holt (5. User submitted. Nancy Holt, Sun Tunnels (1973-76) Great Basin Desert, Utah Concrete, steel, earth Overall dimensions: 9 ft. 2-1/2 in. According to the Center for Land Use Interpretation, the tunnels are pierced by holes of different sizes that resemble the pattern of celestial constellations.The tunnels represent Draco, Perseus, Columba and Capricorn.

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