For reference, the median annual earnings of individuals aged 25-34 with bachelor's degrees was $50,600 in 2018. In this video we’ll try to answer the following questions: Which are the worst degrees for a job today? 10 Most Useless University Degrees. ... Kiplinger updates its rankings of college majors annually. March 29, 2019. College students have a lot on their plate when deciding what career path to take. HeyTutor Staff. Advertising and public relations. Top 10 Most Useless Degrees 2019. This question reflects the recent trend towards putting down the concept of a liberal arts education in favor of trade schools! College majors with the worst return on investment. Today, we bring you 10 most useless university degrees in the next 10 years. June 5, 2019. iStock/BrianAJackson. BY Tara Rahimi. The 50 Highest-Paying College Majors for 2019. Why it’s perceived to be useless: In a world of social-media networks and free media, the traditional forms of advertising are finding the going difficult. Hopefully, this will help someone make a smarter career decision. Physics Mid-Career: $110,000 Early Career: $60,700 Above is our list of the best college majors for a … Most useless degrees. Here’s the list of the most useless degrees, as perceived by several sites. Getty Images. Shutterstock. Graduating with a degree in a humanities subject deemed as "useless" can be a real detriment to finding work, even as newly minted electrical engineers and computer developers get snatched up quickly by startups and tech companies. There ARE no “useless" degrees! (All photos: Shutterstock) 20. After choosing a college, the most important decision for … As college seniors prepare to graduate, The Daily Beast crunches the numbers to determine which majors—from journalism to psychology—didn't pay. Music. Based on high initial unemployment rates and low initial earnings, the following represent the least valuable college majors for your time and financial investment. This list provides some insight into the majors seen as "most useless" by the public at large. Government Mid-Career: $109,900 Early Career: $50,900 19. All News Career, Training And Lifestyle Events, News, Sports, Etc Top 10 Most Useless Degrees 2019 By keith 2 years ago . The most recent data is from 2018. 1. May 15, 2019. 20 Most Useless Degrees. All information in the chart below is, again, for individuals aged 25-29 with bachelor's degrees.

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