The backyard animals that love eating bananas are deer, birds, squirrels, racoons, chipmunks, goats, pigs, horses, and rabbits. (1971) and Geoffroy and Chenost (1973) carried out digestibility trials on goats in cages and reported that when bananas and forages were offered ad lib. heres one of the lines ... goats can eat almonds. Can goats have bananas. On Goats, Banana Peels, Tin Cans, and Pants. Cows can eat bananas as a means to absorb these nutrients. Goats love apples, watermelon, peaches, pears, grapes, bananas (peel and all, if organic), and dried fruit. Question. However, you must only feed them sparingly, the size of your thumbnail, because bananas are high in sugar. … Spinach is perfectly safe for goats, so yes, they can eat it as long as it is taken in a balanced ratio. How much does a pygmy goat cost? A healthy goat needs to eat approximately 4-6% of their bodyweight in hay, with more food necessary if they are health compromised, very young or old, a new mother, or during colder seasons.If possible, the best grass for goats comes in the form of high quality pasture, especially mixed grasses and clover varieties kept higher than three inches in growth. Goats can eat bananas in order to supplement their feed, absorb nutrients necessary for growth, health and productivity as well as to gain some form of tolerance against oxidative stress hereby minimising the use of synthetic products. Potatoes are fed as a treat for goats and are completely safe for them, provided one eliminates any part of the potato that is green. Usually, most of the chickens don’t eat the peel, but some do and love it. The primary diet of sheep should be hay. There is not a … A whole banana tree stood upright where the goats can eat the fronds, and shred and eat the trunk, will keep them happy for hours. ), so the pony also loved bananas and their peels. Question. And of course ripe bananas can feed people, pigs, and chickens. Goats enjoy masticating… Goats Can Eat Like a Horse. In order to harm a goat they would have to eat 5 pounds of apple seed. Bananas having a lot of sugar could be a problem if you have gout because studies have linked fructose to high uric acid, the cause of gout… The American Heart Association’s recommendation is a maximum of 45g of sugar per day for men and 30g for women, from all sources. For a treat, you can give goats apples, grapes, pears, watermelon, bananas, turnips, celery, carrots, and … Just about any fruit you eat your goats may or may not like... mine will eat oranges, grapefruit, bananas, apples, peaches and grapes....most often the skins first ... As I understand it today … goats can eat say, peaches and plums, but the pit must be removed first. Can goats eat bananas? As long as they eat a healthy and balanced diet, goats can enjoy raisins, corn chips and even a few slices of bread. You know you’re a goat mom when after you eat a banana, without thinking, you split the peel into six parts — two for each of your goats. the adults get a few whole slices while the babies get 1/2 of a slice, if they want them. Log in or sign up to leave a … BANANA TREES AND COMPOST BINS. Some of the veggies you may have on your homestead that your goats can eat include: cabbage apples bananas carrots raisins acorns garlic mint pea pods peppers sunflower weeds minerals baking soda peaches (no pits) plums (no … no. I used to get a 16% cattle feed for filler. separately, the kids consumed bananas at a level amounting to about 20–40% of their ingested dry matter. They are of the essence in milk production, growth enhancement, health maintenance as well as boosting their immune systems. When feeding vegetables to your goats, you'll want to cut them up into bite-size pieces to make sure they aren't a choking hazard. There are few plants goats can’t eat; the more important consideration is those they shouldn’t eat. Even when pigs are known to have a “stomach of steel” (meaning they can eat nearly anything and ingest them without getting sick or feeling sick), it’s still safer to stick to proper food. Like me with icecream topped with chocolate. 41.9k members in the goats community. Goats love apple, but if fed a whole bucket of them in one sitting, you risk them fermenting in the digestive system and causing bloat, just like overfeeding grain will do. Can Animals Eat Bananas. In fact, she was kind of a pill about it. Green bananas can also be cooked and eaten by people. They can also be mixed with hay and other grass to increase feeding incentive of the grass, especially if they are dry grass. They didn’t eat the peel in the beginning, but once they tasted, and now they love it. hes supposed to be Yoda. A huge threat can be eliminated just by following a simple advice. Goats and cattle love banana fronds, and the goats will also shred and eat banana trunks. Bananas: Pigs, goats, cattle, poultry and people can all eat bananas in various ways and in various stages of ripeness. Spinach contains oxalic acid that can cause calcium deficiency if consumed at a high rate, so if you can maintain a healthy and balanced diet for your goat, spinach is not a problem.. There are no health risks involved in goats eating bananas, so yes, goats can eat bananas, and they can also be added to goats’ meals to ensure a healthy and balanced diet. I haven’t fed my goats baking soda but after reading the benefits, I’ll be starting now. Goats also enjoy munching on healthy fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, pears, peaches, bananas, grapes, carrots, lettuce, celery, pumpkin, squash, and spinach. Goats are not so common where I live. This is an EXTRA special treat to them. 2. Goats do have a very wide range of plants and trees which are palatable to them. That’s wrong, mines eat the banana peels. Like cattle, goats, elk, and deer, sheep have four stomach chambers. The vegetables your goats can eat are healthy things like bananas, carrots, celery, grapes, lettuce, peaches, pears, pumpkin, spinach, squash and watermelon. 8. These animals will eat bananas because they are sweet and highly nutritious for them. As browsers, goats are designed to eat, and prefer, brush and trees more than grass. i like yogert. How Much does a Pygmy Goat Cost – Price Breakdown. We always have bananas, i actually hide some so they won't get eaten and when they get kinda brown, i take them out to the goats. is most asked question by goat lovers. Baking Soda. Ruminants are less likely to experience digestive problems (acidosis) if they are consuming high forage diets. 8. However, the lack of selenium in cattle feed can lead to pregnancy and kidding complications in selenium-deficient areas. Avoid Leftovers or Spoiled Food. Not all of them will eat the peels, but the ones that do look like I do when I am eating chocolate - HEAVEN! As a result, there have been times when my local feed mill has been out of goat pellets for weeks. Since chickens love to eat, you can give them any veggie trimmings left after finishing your cooking. Banana flowers (aka banana blossoms) are exactly what their name suggests: the blossoms from a banana tree. Either way, they will be happy to eat them, and you are doing your part to raise healthy goats. It is natural for them to nibble a little here, and a little there. Yes, goats can eat potatoes but they cannot be given as regular food. The goats loved banana peels (of course, they’re goats! save hide report. Goats are ruminant animals and they have a stomach that is composed of 4 compartments. Mulberry trees Horses, cattle and goats love the very nutritious foliage, and pigs eat it too. These ripe bananas, like any other fruit, these bananas are rich in vitamins which helps to build the immune system of your goats. You can buy them loose or get them a mineral block that they lick. All our adults LOVE bananas and now we have some of the younger ones also developing a taste for yummy bananas. When we have them, we offer the goats who like them , bananas as a treat after dinner. Poisonous Plants for Goats. Close. I cried a little bit when I sold her and the most embarrassing part of it was trying to explain, through sniffles, that she really loved banana peels. These are very nutritious for your pets and cost-free! But I give them only organic bananas, as the peel is dangerous when it’s full of pesticide as bananas are. There is also an extremely wide range of plants and trees which are poisonous if eaten. Potatoes are filled with carbohydrates and are more filled with potassium than bananas. hey did you ever watch spaceballs? 6 comments. is burning question by goat lovers. You can find plenty of other nutritious snacks for goats: Corn chips are a good grain substitute for wethers because the saltiness encourages them to drink water, which helps prevent urinary calculi. oranes and bananas are gross. share. Not every poisonous plant is deadly, as many have various levels of toxicity causing different effects. Can goats have bananas. Posted by 12 days ago. A subreddit for all things goat. 13 CommentsMonday • April 19, 2010 • by michelle. They are ruminant animals. Veggies Goats Can Safely Eat. 67% Upvoted. The answer is not a single line or justification … Read more Can Goats Eat Bananas? This is where the problems can come, for they will show interest in most vegetation and the poisonous things, to their peril, they may eat. Some can be immediate while others may be cumulative and build up in the body over time. Do not feed meat to your pig. Although cows can eat bananas regardless of the part or level of maturity, most farmers use banana waste such as peels and leaves as cattle feed. Potatoes have Vitamin C that works as an antioxidant. Even though sheep can eat a wide variety of hay, grass, and human food, there are some types of natural and man-made items that consuming can provoke a severe health issue – or even death. However, not only do they love veggie leftovers but they also enjoy fruits, including bananas. My goats are Monkeys too! They're a completely edible delicacy and can be found fresh at roadside stands and farmers markets, wherever bananas are grown, but are especially prevalent in Asia.They're commonly used in salads, curries, and soups. 2. Because of this, even if you have poisonous plants on your property, very often, if they have plenty of "safe" browse, they rarely eat … Can Chickens Eat Bananas?

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