Since we already know that requiring likes and shares is a grey area for Facebook giveaways, you should probably look for an alternative solution. HEY CASE STUDY: Shameless Media x Calming Blankets We recently ran a tag to win giveaway on behalf of one of our clients Calming Blankets which got an amazing response. Lettering artist and Instagram influencer, Diana, has combined a range of low-end prizes into a package deal worth over $400. Points for Actions Contests Why Use a WordPress Giveaway Plugin on Your site? When you're entering online contests, you always have to include an email with your entry, because that's typically how they'll contact you if you win. You can either ask them to comment with a specific word or something more creative. Christmas Christmas Contest Christmas Gift Christmas Giveaway Contest Contest Alert Free Free Giveaway Lucky Draw Online Contests win free Win Prize. Win a $5,999.00 Worth Camera Giveaway for Free with Geotoko. Riley L. I am entering a huge giveaway on YouTube. 5 months ago. Amanda has also asked entrants to tag three friends in the comments, meaning the chain letter effect will kick into gear much faster than a regular giveaway! Sort By. And this example from Daewoo demonstrates how a high-value giveaway bundle can generate tons of interest and entries. The Submit a Photo action lets people upload their photos with a few clicks. If I want to host a giveaway where any top level comment can win, and it's all random, what's the best way to pick a winner? One way you can replicate this type of contest is to ask users to visit the post in question. 16. If Joules were to use a contest app like RafflePress to build their giveaway, they’d be able to send traffic directly to a distraction-free giveaway landing page to increase entries. Apparently, January is “National Soup Month,” in case you didn’t know! 3. You can also use Facebook giveaways to achieve the following business goals: If you’re not completely sure if giveaways are good marketing, this guide might help. Video Contests Embedded Contests I Love You More Than Tuna – One for You and One to Give to a Friend. Final Thoughts Use colors and design elements consistent with your branding to make it easier for fans to spot your content. In this giveaway example from The Cotswold Company, they could have maximized participation by using a contest app like RafflePress to create their own entry option for receiving comments. Cyber Monday deals: see all the best offers right now! Referral Program The entry requirements are to tag someone in the comments using the branded hashtag. 1. With this giveaway, you can win one of five PS4 or PC codes for the game, kindly offered by D3 Publisher. The best way to find most is through the WildFire App website. Giveaway: Enter to win a HP Neverstop 1202w laser cartridge-free printer By Lucas Coll September 10, 2020 If you do a lot of high-volume printing, then a good laser printer is a must. Comment by Reed Nester on November 12, 2020 at 7:16 am; Would love to win this and would share it with my partner in our home Comment by Kate Hayes on November 12, 2020 at 8:30 am; My daughter would love, love, love this!! This giveaway ends Thursday, October 29. A bored promoter will smile at a comment that stands out amongst a hundred ‘Ooh lovely giveaway!’ posts featuring 40 emojis. Using the RafflePress contest builder, they could include a 1-click action for users to visit them on Instagram and other social networks to grow their followers. You can also add the option to like another Facebook page if you’re promoting more than 1 brand. Comment to Win. YouTube Giveaway contest is one of the best ways to attract new YouTube viewers, keep them engaged and grow your community from 0 to 1,000 to 100,000 to 1 Millions.. And in this article, I will share the best giveaway contest ideas that you can use to grow your YouTube channel. We have … This strategy could be applied to any number of product ranges, not just books. Then all entrants would need to do to participate is click the appropriate number and submit their entry. Joe Browns did a great job with this image, clearly showing the different prizes up for grabs. To celebrate the release of Torchlight III, Screen Rant and Perfect World are teaming up to give away the game alongside a beautiful custom-painted controller! Oldest; Newest; Helpful; Jul 08, 2012 . By including actions to like their Facebook page, they could grow their following. Rights Management Another interesting part of this giveaway to note is the extra entries people can get by following both the Facebook and Instagram pages of the business. By encouraging people to tag friends, it’s likely to spread like wildfire. That’s a great way to boost the giveaway’s reach, and with the link to … In this giveaway, collaborating businesses are offering an additional chance to win for following more than one business. Custom Domains This removes unnecessary distractions, making it more likely they’ll enter. Include eye-catching images or slideshows of your prize to give users the desire to enter for fear of missing out. LLC, Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy | Sitemap Are you looking for excellent Facebook giveaway examples to inspire your next contest? Resources to Help Grow Your Business. Take part this giveaway and get chance to win free Cubot C3 Smartwatch. *Open to the US, Puerto Rico and Canada (excluding Quebec). Managing tons of comment entries can be time-consuming, so your best bet in replicating this giveaway is to run a book contest with RafflePress. The simplicity of this giveaway from Scratch Bakeshop is what caught my attention. First of all, giveaways tend to generate a lot of interest with hundreds of potential entries. All people needed to do to enter was tag a friend in the comments. Then when they check the RafflePress database, they can verify entries at a glance. Are you looking to launch a viral giveaway? Like to Win. This Facebook giveaway example from clothing retailer Joules generated over 8,500 reactions, 10,000 comments, and hundreds of shares across Facebook. What we love about this Facebook giveaway example is the visual step-by-step instructions for entering. Because popular giveaways like this can get hard to manage, Tala Cooking could have used RafflePress to include actions to leave a comment and like their page. Hashtag Contests 1. Visual Entry Instructions Contest Example, 10. Because people are more likely to want something that is no longer available or perceived to be popular with others. Showing off your products in unique situations with a pop of color and vibrancy is a proven way to build brand equity on Instagram. Do you feel inspired to launch a comment to win contest now? They could then support that with extra entry options such as sharing the contest on other social platforms, liking their Facebook page, or visiting the product page for more targeted traffic. Shop With Me Mama Chicago Steak Company Giveaway – Enter To Win Chicago Steaks Best Seller. Caption Contest. Code, Contest Builder Facebook Giveaway Example, 3. Nelson the Seagull Giveaway – Image Source. In exchange for entry into the giveaway, hosts will often ask participants to follow their profile. WordPress Tutorials, Tips, and Go mobile. Plus, it lets you easily cross-promote your contest to other platforms and makes it easier to meet your business goals. With the growing interest and engagement levels of Stories, this is a great strategy. So how do you make sure you’re doing it right? An Instant-Win Contest. No commitments, cancel anytime. But there are some drawbacks to running a simple comment-to-win type of giveaway. Table of contents Instagram contest rules Instagram contest ideas How to run an Instagram contest. The one with the best outfit took home the grand prize. This video is about how to improve your chances on winning free stuff. Niman Ranch combines some of its products with a ladle and stockpot to get into the spirit. Because this is a brand awareness contest, there are several other ways they could have used their audience to increase their reach even further. A Note on Comment to Win Contests. Using a theme for your giveaway and showing off a bit of social proof, with the follower account milestone, are both tactics worth considering for your next contest. Share to win. Compliance Cyber Monday 2020 deals: $35 Google Home, $80 Echo Show 2-pack, $449 HP laptop, $179 Chromebook and more If you can, display just how well you know your audience by tailoring the prize, photo, and post description to their needs and interests. We are happy to announce a brand-new iPhone 11 Giveaway, so this month’s Giveaway is exciting.Yes, you read it right we are giving away free iPhone 11 which is announced recently to our followers. Sparking conversation with your audience is a helpful way for users to discover new ways to use your products. User-Generated Content Contests and giveaways will help boost engagement and get your content noticed by the Instagram algorithm. Well, as it turns out, this phenomenon has been around for a lot longer than social media. Connect on Twitter here: @WillBluntAU. To enter, uses have to leave a comment on the best movie they’ve watched recently. The most common of all giveaway ideas is to create a post on Facebook, asking people to comment and tag a friend to enter. Win a Sony a7 III or Canon 5D Camera Giveaway. Using RafflePress to create an online contest, they could use the Viral Refer-a-Friend action to encourage users to share the contest across multiple social networks and email. Test your luck in this Macbook giveaway and you could win a brand new MacBook Pro! Entries Manager The winner can win his chance by entering the Details below and following the term and condition before submitting his details. Raging Bull Clothing used that opportunity to run a Father’s Day Facebook giveaway. Running a contest or giveaway is a win-win for both you and your audience. In this contest, you randomly select a winner among those subscribers who entered within your contest duration. Using a contest builder like RafflePress is the easiest way to create a contest like this. We're giving away a free Sony PS5 to one lucky winner on June 16, 2021 – entering to win easy. Click “LIKE” for your chance to win a $20 iTunes Gift Card! Press J to jump to the feed. Offering only 1 way to enter your giveaway limits the number of entries you’ll receive. It’s also the easiest way to grow your following and generate leads on social media without paying for expensive ads. Enter for your chance to win a Google Pixel 4A* by Manuel Flores in After Hours on September 21, 2020, 9:35 AM PST We're giving away an unlocked Google Pixel 4A smartphone to one grand prize winner. In this article, we share our favorite Facebook giveaway examples you can use as a framework for your next contest. Void where prohibited. FAQs That’s what a modern-day comment to win contest is. This is so helpful! Lunches + Littles Giveaway – Image Source. But what is it about social media giveaways that make them so addictive? A Q&A Contest As well as gaining new followers and engagement on Instagram, this kind of giveaway gives the brand insights into who wants this product. Templates It’s GIVEAWAY time! The concept of a chain letter dates back to the 18th century, where “Letters from heaven” would entice participants to copy and share the notes with fear of misfortune if they didn’t. If you want to sweeten the deal, you can add a sleep mask as well and make it a nap package! The prizes aren’t extravagant by any stretch of the imagination, but there are several prizes available, making people feel as if they have more chances of winning. News Instagram has proven to be a great resource for carrying out contests and they’re easy to do. No one wants to see hateful comments or comments that are not video appropriate. In this giveaway, they combine their logo with a Yeti Roadie Cooler to create an attractive prize for Father’s Day. Lunches + Littles take collaboration to the next level in this comment to win contest. Win A Chef’s Garden – Best Of The Season Box ($89 Value) ~ Giveaway Ends 11-19 10/27/2020 by Sonya 85 Comments I hope that you have been enjoying a few of the giveaways that I have been joining in with Cyndi at Reviewz and Newz . However, it's best not to use your main email address to sign up for sweeps, or you could be flooded with spam and promotional emails. 44 Comments on Giveaway: Win Two Copies of P.S. A winner will be chosen from each list of new followers. Rules/Disclaimer: This promotion is open to those 18 and above in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. We hope these Facebook giveaway examples have given you the confidence to drive targeted traffic to your website and grow your business with successful contests. Comment to win xxxxxx.’ If you have professional salon social media marketing support , or are a technical whizz, then use the contest to collect email addresses to build your database – just make sure you comply with GDPR legislation on data. Of course, chain letters are considered to be manipulative and deceptive. Since I’m not as creative as I'd like to be, I love seeing how … Similar to a friend referral giveaway, it encourages widespread social sharing. Analytics Short videos or GIFs are another excellent way to differentiate your content from the rest of the feed through movement. To make your page look even more popular, you can organize a "Like and Comment to Win" contest. But there’s a more natural way they could send participants to Instagram. Create a new world out of the ashes of the old in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. However, before going ahead, I would recommend you to go through the YouTube contest policy to avoid any … You won’t be disappointed. The theme of this giveaway was pumpkins, obviously, and it was held in the lead up to Halloween. Help Docs Another way to get more people involved in your contest is to offer a prize for both the participant and their friend. Security FAQs To combat that, Richer Sounds could run their contest with RafflePress and use the Invent Your Own entry option to ask people to leave a comment. Now that you know the benefits of running a giveaway on Facebook, here are some examples to inspire your next contest. Since tagging people in comments is a grey area that Facebook is cracking down on, Raging Bull Clothing could have taken a different approach. For this giveaway, participants have the chance to win a case of gin and a set of 2 gin classes. Enter our October $50 gift card giveaway below. This will mean liking your post is optional. Here is a brand new giveaway that ends on Halloween night! If you win my giveaway, you will be able to receive it before Thanksgiving. That’s a great way to boost the giveaway’s reach, and with the link to their website, users can easily browse their products and make a purchase. Before we dive in, let’s look at why contests work particularly well on Facebook. Winners will be randomly selected at 4 p.m. CST this Friday and their names will be posted on our Facebook Page! Christmas Around the conners here your free christmas gift. It proves that any brand, with some creativity, can make the most of these giveaways. Giveaway Email Analytics If it’s important in the day-to-day digital landscape, you can find it on our blog. ShortStack University, 17 Examples of Comment to Win Contests That Will Inspire Your Next Giveaway, growing interest and engagement levels of Stories, 3 New Year’s Resolutions Your Business Needs to Make in 2020, How to Integrate Instagram Stories Into Your Marketing, 21 Super Simple eCommerce Promotion Ideas to Boost Your Online Sales, 7 Advantages of Interactive Marketing for Savvy Digital Businesses, Planning an Interactive Marketing Campaign. A Note on Comment to Win Contests. As a bonus, entrants could tag 3 friends in the comments. If your business is looking to run a quick Facebook contest to reward fans, the “Like to Win” giveaway is a simple way for fans to participate. Running a contest doesn’t have to be complicated and stressful. | RafflePress Customer Success Stories Contest Rules, Integrations Highlight how easy it is for people to enter, so there are no hidden surprises. Do your research – pop to their website, read their menu, show an interest in what they have to offer rather than leaving an OTT … Facebook Contests Some sweepers spend as many hours researching sweepstakes as entering them, but sweeps newsletters, which cost about $60 a year and cull giveaways from all over, can save you time.

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