Recovering ice cream addict. Bio Art. A good test to make sure that you’re writing a clearly understandable artist bio is to have a non-artist friend read it over tell you if anything stands out as too technical. Perhaps you received a compelling critique or review, something that you could include as a quote within your bio. If you’re selling your work directly to consumers on your portfolio website, consider writing an artist bio that the average person who doesn’t have a background in art would be able to understand. However, some artist prefers to make their statement deep and “thought-provoking” that is suitable for their abstract work of art. Did you experience hardship at an early age and find comfort or solace in art? A bio-template is an important piece of information that reflects an individual’s professional career and their interests. Share with your audience the major experiential influences on your artwork that you’ve had throughout the years. In her decades-spanning practice, Carol Rama has explored sexuality and desire through different materials and mediums. Having a visual reference of one of your pieces on the same page as your artist profile lets readers see your philosophy in practice without having to navigate away to a gallery on your website. She concisely highlights her skills and experience, holding the readers’ attention while sticking to the essential details. Mary Pearson. Jot down your name, and where you’re from. Her series called ‘Biosigna’ or Life Signals has been exhibited in London as well as in Bristol. Look at these two fine arts resume samples: Artist Resumes Examples: Two Summaries . — In their bio template, of course. What motivates you? A biography template is meant to specifically aid a writer come up with an excellent biography. Whether you started at an early age and have collected years of experience or if inspiration struck later in life, tell people about your experience as an artist. Art can be objective, multi-faceted and often intentionally left for interpretation. It contains much of the same information as a résumé, however, a résumé or CV is written in a listing format and a biography is written in an editorial style. However big or small your crowning achievements are so far, make some noise about them! The Artist’s Biography serves to provide the reader with a story about you as an artist and learn about your career credentials. Here you can describe a bit about the style that your artwork fits into, the kinds of techniques you use, and interesting tidbits about your process. As a child Figueroa received prizes for her innate talent. The result will be a great short bio. This will help you shape a sentence or two as an introduction. No formal education? We are providing up to 15 different biography templates available for immediate use. Tom Stein is a Senior Professor at Berklee College of Music in Boston. “But wait,” you say, “what was…, Don’t let the summer pass you by! It’ll fly over their heads and, worst of all, it will make them feel less comfortable buying from you. Nevertheless, they all end it with a strong summary writing of their art. That’s the kind of info you should definitely keep your artist profile updated with! While you’re at it, it’s a good idea to update the actual content of your online portfolio as well. If your main goal with your portfolio website is to get noticed by galleries, then you can get away with language that would be understood by people in your industry. Try to review your About the Artist page regularly—every six months, at a minimum—to make sure that it’s up-to-date.  Leonardo da Vinci? We’ve compiled some tips and examples to make the exercise less painful and to inspire you to write a kick ass introduction to your work. Make a few notes on a piece of paper to begin. Artists bios are not a replacement for an artist CV or an artist statement. When you use the templates provided below, all you have to do is choose one or two sentences from each of the four categories and add your details. We’ve been hearing from many of you that you are struggling to know where to focus your energy right now given that there is so much uncertainty and no clear…, The World Health Organisation declared a global pandemic this month and most of us are hunkered down at home practicing social distancing. Proofreading could save you some embarrassment later. . Curate your work and design your website exactly the way you want it. The recipient of the Golden Lion at the 50th Venice Biennale, Rama falls outside the confines of any particular artistic movement or period, but she remains a seminal figure and an important influence to artists such as Cindy Sherman and Kiki Smith. What should you include, and what is better left out? Write a Better Artist Grant Application in 15 Steps Marketing your art business and landing new clients isn’t always easy, but an awesome, informative artist bio can really help your portfolio stand out and make your name stick in people’s minds. Author: Tom Stein. Need some ideas on what to include before you write your bio? Bio Art. Find Out More. No problem! An exception to this is if your target audience is actually a technical crowd, such as art gallery owners. Wondering what makes an unforgettable artist bio? For example, if you spent some studying or practicing in a cool art city and that experience impacts your work today, that would be a cool piece of information to share in an artist profile. Artist Bio Example. Why do you create? Do you have a formal education in the arts or art history? Mary lives and works in South Devon, surrounded by the sea and Dartmoor National Park. If you feel comfortable doing so, I encourage you to share this with your audience. Bios also drive search engine optimization (SEO). Think of your artist bio as your chance to craft the lens that they’ll view your work through. A lot of artists struggle with talking about themselves, so we know writing your own bio can feel like having your wisdom teeth out. There are no rules and nobody is going to judge you. Download now for free. Throughout her life, Mary has always been fascinated by images and how the world is represented through the eyes of others. This is your opportunity to connect with your audience on a human level. If you’re confused about where to start with search engine optimization, no worries. Writing a bio doesn’t have to be a large, complicated task. Be sure to include any accomplishments or achievements as you write your bio. If you have never written an artist biography before, fear not, it’s not scary. She uses the practice of burying her film negatives in the earth to allow the natural environment a voice. Where do you start? It is a collaboration between the artist and the land. After completing her degree, Mary delved even more into her photographic practice, which involved loss and regeneration of life. Date: March 20, 2018. Your artist bio is your chance to really grab the interest of potential clients and make them understand what it is about your art that’s different from the rest. Mary Pearson was born in Barnstaple in South West England in 1985. It can be a powerful art marketing tool, so you want to make sure you take the time to craft an amazing artist profile that does your incredible artwork justice! For the basic info, stick to your highlight reel! Great! As the artist explains, “I am a story teller and I welcome you to join me on this visual journey.”. You definitely don’t need to share all of your hobbies and interests, but anything that helps contextualize your art and your purpose in making it will help people connect to your art in a deeper way. This can be really helpful in giving people a framework to understand your art, and can make clicking through your online profile much more enjoyable. Humanity unites us. Mary has also trained as a teacher, specializing in Further Education. This sentence should be able to stand alone, communicating who you are and something unique about the kind of art you make. Artist Bio Example. "The Professional Bio Template That Makes Everyone Sound Accomplished" was originally published on The Daily Muse. Now that you know what kind of language is appropriate for your artist profile, you can start describing the work that you do. Having grown up both next to the sea and in close proximity to two National Parks her love of the outdoors grew tremendously. Share a little about your hands-on experience as an artist to let your new fans get to know you a little better. Her distinctive personal style emanates joy and peace and expresses the vibrant spirit and atmosphere of the Caribbean culture. Your About the Artist page will live on your online portfolio, of course, so it’s a good idea to have one up and running before you start crafting that artist profile. How to Make a Medium Length Artist Bio (80-100 words or so) Take the short version of your bio and add some social proof (quotes, high profile gigs, etc), show some humor (if appropriate) or personality, mention some of the more intriguing or unusual instruments that … Digital Art. Once you’ve filled out the bullet points above, you’re ready to start writing. Here…, Artist’s Biography for Eileen Figueroa – 260 words, Artist Biography for Mary Pearson – 270 words, 5 WAYS TO STAY SANE (AND CREATIVE) DURING A GLOBAL PANDEMIC, 10 TIPS + RESOURCES FOR ARTISTS DURING COVID-19 PANDEMIC, 14 Artist Opportunities you don’t want to miss. Follow our how-to guide to learning everything about writing an artist bio that will make people remember you! It will also reveal quite a bit about your own artistic personality, which is the entire purpose of your artist biography. (Not sure where to find them? Check out some short artist bio examples and some longer ones, and notice which tend to stick in your mind more.  In 2015, she was a finalist South West Graduate Prize. Check out our guide to picking images for your website.). Biography templates guide you in knowing what to leave in and what to leave out of the biography. The interest was cultivated during her teenage years and further developed when she opted to take her Bachelors Degree in Photography. After all, it’s your own personal bio! Make sure to choose a website builder that lets you easily add custom pages, so that you can add an artist bio page and place it wherever you want in your website’s menu (Hint: you should put it somewhere that’s easy to find, so your visitors don’t have to look for it). Kahlo or O’Keefe? See if you can spot the problem with the first of our two samples from artistic resumes. Explore. Now let’s take a look at more than 220 Instagram bio ideas based on the above elements. While it might be important … Explore. Feb 12, 2015 - Looking for an amazing and creative artist bio example? Below is a musician bio example from Open Mic UK winner Natalie Shay’s website: A short bio often aims to give new fans a taste of your music. But, no matter what kind of art you make, visitors to your website are highly likely to click it within a little while of landing on your page. He is a visionary musical entrepreneur, music producer, artist development consultant, arranger, bandleader and performer. Start your free trial with Format today! Recovering doughnut addict. She teaches 16-18-year-olds in order to help them foster the same enthusiasm that she has for photography. She is also pursuing a Master’s Degree in Photography at Plymouth University alongside her teaching. Get straight to the point. A template you can download to craft a high-quality artist biography outline. Maybe these locations have even influenced your artwork. You know your own professional career path better than anyone else, so be sure to answer any questions that your audience may have about it. She is a member of the invitational Manhattan Arts International Artists Showcase Gallery, a curated art program that rewards artistic excellence, in New York, N.Y. She has also served as a juror in The Many Faces of Mary Magdalene in Houston, TX. His body of work ranges from collaborative performances with the group SHRIMPS (1984–93) to large-scale sculptures such as Tumble Room (2001). Then check out the one we've prepared for you and be ready to start writing straight away! Artist Bio Examples for Creating Your Band’s EPK. She feels that the artistic exchange between the land and the artist opens up many opportunities. Do you have any practical experience? Again, checking out other artist profile examples is a good way to get the creative juices flowing and come up with some effective vocabulary that you can use yourself. Sample Of An Artist Biography. Take a bit of time to really think about what defines and characterizes your art. 220+ Instagram Bio Ideas for 2020. What has been your proudest moment so far as an artist? What IS important, is that you craft a compact summary of RELEVANT skills and experience. Funny, Self-Descriptive Instagram Bios A very caffeine-dependent life form. An artist statement overall provides clear and simple context without the use complex terminology. Get the bio up on your website, Facebook page and anywhere where you are talking about or promoting your artwork. Art. How To Write Product Descriptions That Really Sell Choose an online portfolio with beautiful website templates that allow you to make easy, fast tweaks to your artist profile whenever you want—no code required! This is easy to edit and fully customizable in all versions of MS Word. Want a head-turning art portfolio website? Depending on your style of music, and your personality, you may want to inject some humor into your bio.Artist: Not Ur Girlfrenz Not only is it a great way to connect with them but it may also inspire someone to share a personal story or struggle of their own. That means every sentence matters. Sample Artist Statements/Bios ... bio: martin kersels. One way to make this dreaded task easier is to use a fill-in-the-blank biography template. Perhaps you don’t know why, perhaps you are just compelled, obsessed even! Who is your art-idol? Artist Bio Example. Let’s take a look at a few examples of each type of artist bio. Add what you sound like, then your influences. Perhaps you are more of a lone wolf and prefer to create in the solitude of your quiet studio, inspired by the nighttime hours like many an artisan of days gone by. Artist Pei Jung Ho’s brief professional description on her graphic design website is an effective example of a short bio. Tell your audience where and when you studied, perhaps emphasizing particularly inspiring classes that you took. Though your artistic skills may be best demonstrated in a drawing or painting, that is no excuse for a sloppy bio. Let’s say you read a great piece of article on the internet and want to know more about the author and his thoughts. Referencing famous artists or real-life events will help your audience better understand what influences you. Feb 12, 2015 - Looking for an amazing and creative artist bio example? Naturally, she was drawn to photography. Maybe you’ve snagged some art contest wins or written a stylish new case study for a recent design piece. A well written and composed artist bio serves to help a reader to connect to the artist and to the artist’s artwork. Think of your artist bio like a triangle – start broadly, with the general facts about yourself at the bottom, and then move into the finer details, such as your creative process or what inspires you, towards the top. Even the best artist bios need to be revised as you develop in your career. Make sure to choose a piece that exemplifies the things you talked about in your bio! Have you shown your artwork at an art gallery or exhibition? Are you driven to create by a passion for color and beauty? Reads: 24,628. This info should still serve the main purpose of helping readers understand what is different about your art and what you are trying to convey through it, but it’s always easier to connect to a piece with a little bit of personal information. Rama later experimented with abstraction and assemblage in the vein of arte povera, using bicycle tires from her father’s factory before he declared bankruptcy and committed suicide. Now is the time to celebrate those professional accomplishments! Mary Pearson was born in Barnstaple in South West England in 1985. I’m not smart; I just wear glasses. Mary was selected as one of the Graduates featured in Source Magazine (2014), Ffotogallery Cardiff. Our guide will answer a ton of your questions and help you make your portfolio website super SEO-friendly. When building online portfolios, many artists (and even brands) overlook the importance of the about-me page. in art in 1984 and an M.F.A. Here’s How to Write An Amazing Instagram Bio in 10 Minutes. The font size should be no bigger than 16, no smaller than 12. A native of Barranquitas, Puerto Rico, her colorful paintings pay homage to her homeland. Picturesque landscapes, tropical birds and flowers, musical instruments, and farmers tending to their fields are all brought to life with contrasting and harmonious colors and bold compositions. Make it engaging, and concise.Think about tone as well. The Professional Biography Template includes all the details about you in a crisp and concise manner to help others know more about you without getting bored. May 2020. It’s the “Holy Trinity” of online content marketing. Your artist biography should be a summary of significant facts about … Saved from She is also the recipient of various Awards from the Amando Falcon Studio Gallery in San Juan, Puerto Rico. If you look up visual artist bio samples you’ll probably see that many of them include a little visual along with the text. Musician Bio Templates And Tips For Writing If you want help writing your musician bio or your band’s bio, here’s a link to a post on MusicianMonster that includes templates and examples you can use. Jump to navigation Jump to search. A short artist bio is usually better than a lengthy one. (Need some more tips on curating your portfolio? Crafting a great bio is an introductory handshake with your audience. You do it with a resume summary or a resume objective. Check out the online portfolios of other artists you respect to find some good artist bio examples.) Share it on your blog or any website feature so that the search engines can see it. That’s great; tell your audience! Let your audience know what, or who inspires you. The goal is to craft something that viewers will actually want to read. You definitely don’t want to alienate people with too much art industry jargon in that artist profile! . Passion is infectious! Tell your audience about it! The images, that Mary takes on her walks in the landscape, are only part of the narrative. Share a brief version in your Instagram account bio so that your followers on Instagram can see it. It's an artist bio that grabs the reader like a Banksy piece. Are you an oil painter? (160 characters). Digital Art. An effective artist biography (bio) is necessary information to have as part of the artist’s presentation to any viewers and interested parties of their artwork. The more eyes that can see your personal bio, the better. Mr. Kersels was born in Los Angeles and attended UCLA, receiving a B.A. The same goes for subject matter: if you usually photograph landscapes in a certain region, you should make sure that first sentence includes something like “Pacific Northwest landscape photographer,” which will let your reader know what it is that you do—but will also be SEO-friendly. Figueroa’s artwork has been shown in exhibitions in Puerto Rico and the U.S., including “Dreams and Visions: The Artist Perspective”, and Color Show at Spring Studios Art Gallery, Houston, TX. It is an opportunity to make an impact right out of the gate. Will go into survival mode if tickled. © 2020 Ideaform Inc., All Rights Attention spans are limited online, so if you want to get your point across and make sure your reader goes through your whole artist profile, it’s best to keep things concise. This makes them best suited for social media platforms and website homepages. Ideally, you want to keep your bio to one page with a simplistic font (Times New Roman or Cambria usually work for me). Look up some artist profile examples from artists in your field, and try to pick out some descriptive words that you like, that explain your art, and that are understandable to laypeople. What inspires you? To say that the world is upside down…, An ideal online marketing package has three things: A blog, a YouTube channel, and a podcast. Some of the most prolific artists of all time were self-taught! The long-form bio is one you would add to your personal website and should be 300-500 words. Art. A Hook. You should also help the reader understand the message of your work, or what it is that you’re communicating through your chosen medium. There’s no one-size-fits-all “meet the artist” template; it’s super important to know your audience and write your artist bio with them in mind. Here are 5 excellent artist bio examples to help get you started: Eileen Figueroa is a contemporary realist painter who lives and works in Houston, Texas. Start Simple. Enter the name of the subject in the box below and click on "Create draft" to create your draft biography. A native of Barranquitas, Puerto Rico, her colorful paintings pay homage to her homeland. Sample Artist’s Biography (long version 250 words) Eileen Figueroa is a contemporary realist painter who lives and works in Houston, Texas. Long & Short Form Bio. This gives you another great story to touch on or a connection to someone who wants to buy from a local artist. In her early work in the 1930s and 1940s, she created lustful images of the female body, highlighting sexuality and pleasure as major themes. Start With Your First Name. This is probably not a good time to talk about your cat, Game of Thrones, or your love for hot yoga. Self-taught, Rama began painting as a means of dealing with family tragedies. An artist’s bio is often the first piece of information available to readers and collectors, and as such it offers you a chance to frame their practice and give collectors a reason to want to learn more. Do you have a particular mentor that inspires you or gives you critique? Here are my top 7 tips for crafting a perfect artist bio: A good place to start is to tell your audience about your specific area of expertise. Print some copies and consider laminating a few copies to bring with you to your next show!

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